Why do I call it Thrown Art? Because much of my work uses Mardi Gras "throws" (the trinkets thrown from floats during Mardi Gras parades), especially beads. While not everything I do is made from beads, I like to think that my style is recognizable, whether it's a painting or a guitar covered with beads.
    I live in Mobile, Alabama, but I consider myself to be a Gulf Coast artist with strong ties, especially, to New Orleans. In fact, I'm one of the artists who is lucky enough to have a permit to sell my art from the fence around historic Jackson Square in New Orleans. We usually try to get there one weekend a month, and we usually have a lot of fun out there.

                 • My Blog: "On the Fence" •
    I have a blog on Facebook I call "On the Fence." It's about the artists and other people who populate Jackson Square and the experiences my wife and I have there. To see it, just click 

    My art is inspired by life on the Gulf Coast, from the weather to Voodoo, from French Quarter architecture to the way people talk down here.
    And there's nothing I won't cover with beads.

    So kick your shoes off, grab a cold Abita, and take a stroll through my gallery. If you see something you've just gotta have, go to the "contact" page and drop me an email. We'll figure something out.
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    Thanks for dropping by. I truly hope my art makes you smile.
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