the south


   I was born a Southerner, and I'll most likely always be a Southerner. For one thing, I'm just not that fond of snow. I did spend a year earning a masters degree in New York City. Didn't hate it.
    Things are different in the South, and sometimes - certainly not always - different means better. I love the way Southerners will just start chatting with complete strangers, for example.
    I'd put up a plate of fried flounder, black-eyed peas and silver queen corn against any plate of food in the country.
    I am just as likely, however, to make fun of the South in my art as I am to celebrate its virtues.
    That's OK, though. If you've ever seen the "Blue Collar Comedy  Tour," you know that Southerners are pretty good at laughing at  themselves. Lord knows, there's plenty of material available.

   What's a redneck's last words? "Hey, watch this!"