Other stuff

   Enough with the categories, right? Aren't artists supposed to rebel against that kind of thing?

   Problem is, I've always found folders very helpful. I'm not a neatnick or anything. Far from it, actually, but I do rely on my organization skills. Being a writer probably did that to me.

   Anyway, here's a collection of works with little or no common threads other than they came out of my brain and were created with my hands. Some of them fit right in with the whole Thrown Art thing, others kind of stretch the boundaries.

   I will tell you that I'm especially fond of the spin art paintings. I call them spin art for grownups. I created them by mounting a ceiling fan to a wooden wine crate. Strap the canvas to the fan, take it out to the middle of the backyard and start slinging paint.

   You can't even imagine the glorious mess it makes.

   By the way, check out the Public Art portion at the bottom of this page. The chairs I did over two different years for Seaside, FL. The gator was for Gautier, MS.