new orleans

     There's nothing I can say about the  city of New Orleans that hasn't been said already. I call it the Galapagos Islands of the United States; somehow in its isolation and unique circumstances, everything in New Orleans evolved a little differently.
    For all of its problems - and there are many - it is, for lack of a  better word, a magical place. They call it, among other things, the city  that care forgot. But that doesn't begin to describe the way that New  Orleans became such a unique and comfortably bizarre place. 
    One of the things I love about New Orleans is that they have  different ways of doing everything: speaking, eating, playing music.
    And no other place looks like the French Quarter does.
    Any artist who goes to New Orleans and cannot find inspiration for  their work simply needs to turn in their artist credentials at the Artists Bureau and apply for a spot on an assembly line.    
    I've had natives of the city look at my work and say, "Yep. You get it." That's gratifying.