These are the photos that mean the most to me.
    I know it sounds corny, and believe me, when I am creating a piece of art, I'm not thinking about potential customers.
    Some might say that it shows.
    No, I'm thinking about me and what makes me happy and what I think looks cool or interesting or funny.
    So, when someone sees a piece of my art they've just gotta have, to me that's so gratifying to know that something I did struck them the same way it struck me.
    I often say that the reason people go out on Mardi Gras and want so badly to catch some beads is that it gives them validation. A complete stranger picks them out of a crowd and gives them something, thereby saying, "You matter."
    I guess it's only fitting that I use those same beads in my art.
    Anyway, here's a string of photos of some of my happy customers who purchased art from me in Jackson Square.