"Voodude 2"
Flour sack cloth, beads, buttons, Spanish moss, cigar box
I don't usually make the same thing twice,
and when I do, you can definitely see differences.
I set my mind to making a Voodoo doll
that I felt looked more authentic
than the ones sold in the tourist "junk shops"
in New Orleans.
Voodoo dolls, believe it or not, were and are
used mostly for good, not evil.
If your shoulder hurts, the Voodoo
practioner might make a doll of you, which
includes a piece of your clothing,
and stick a pin in your shoulder to make it
feel better. Kind of acupuncture by proxy.
I hand sew the body from old flour sack cloth,
like it was done back in the day.
I stuff the body with cotton and make the hair
from Spanish moss.