No, I'm not a practitioner of Voodoo (purists spell it Voudou), but I am somewhat fascinated by some of its practices and especially how it came to New Orleans and continues to live on there.
    I first started learning about Voodoo when I took the tour of the Voodoo Museum in New Orleans. I highly recommend it.
    The tour guide took some of the "creepy" out of Voodoo as she explained some of the specifics.
    She talked about joujou (or juju), for example. Joujou is anything that used to be alive. Could be dried herbs. It's hung over the front door of a dwelling to protect that home from evil.
    I turned to my wife and said, "Wow, we have joujou, and we didn't even know it."
    At that time we had a few ears of Indian corn hanging over our front door. Go figure.
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