Beads, coconut and tin can on cabinet door
There is no more sought-after throw
in New Orleans Mardi Gras than a Zulu coconut.
Is that a real Zulu coconut? Heck, no. I'm not
giving up one of mine for nothing.
It is a coconut, though, that I lovingly split,
dried and shaved down myself.
Gold is the most desirable of coconuts, and I
added the tin can crown because legend has it
that the first king of the Zulu Social Aid and Pleasure
Society wore a crown made from a coffee can
as a way of poking fun at king Rex.
Black and gold are the official colors of Zulu, and
some say that's where the New Orleans Saints
got their colors from.
The symbol in the upper left is a symbol used by
Zulu, depicting the fact that the members of this historically
black organization still appear in blackface
on Mardi Gras Day.
The hash marks on the lower right are representative
of the markings you'd find on the shield of an
actual Zulu warrior from Africa.