In Gautier, Miss., the Gautier Pride organization decided to launch a public art project using fiberglass gators.
    Gators are big in Gautier. It's the team name at the high school, and alligator farms dot the map all through the area. Not to mention the wild gators that troll the backwaters all over the Gulf coast.
    I made a proposal to completely bead a gator and didn't really get any nibbles. In this instance (as it works in so many cases), only artists whose proposals attracted paying sponsors would actually get a gator.
    I had nearly forgotten about the whole thing, when I got a call and was told that my proposal had finally garnered a sponsor.
    So, in the midst of recuperating from surgery on both of my hips, I sat out in my garage, in the horrid summer heat, and spent about 80 hours beading my gator. I was pretty pleased with the results.
    I recently delivered the gator back to Gautier and am waiting to hear where and when it will be installed. It will go up for auction in early November.
    Everything on this critter, which I named "Let the Gator Times Roll," came from beads, including the eyeballs and the teeth.
    Photos are below.