I read about a public art project going on in Seaside, Fla., called The Chair Affair, to benefit an arts organization there. I sent them my proposal to bead one of their full-size, wooden Adirondack chairs, and they, well, sent me a chair.
    I can't even begin to say how much time I put into the chair, but I was really pleased with the result. And when it was auctioned off, it raised $1,500 for the organization.
    Admittedly, I went pretty nuts with color on this one, but I'm especially fond of the front of the back. On the arms, I created permanent coasters with metal doubloons, which are also Mardi Gras throws.
    On the back of the back of the chair, I included an image of a hurricane, since Hurricane Ivan hit here while I was in the midst of working on the chair. My poor wife went around the backyard before the storm gathering up all of the furniture and other projectiles while sternly instructing me to "Keep beading!"
    Honestly, I'm not sure I'll ever bead something this big again. You can't believe how much weight the beads and glue added to the chair.
    There are several pictures below of "Mardi Gras Throne."